Naruto cosplay by Natsura | サクラ🌸 (@natsura_scarlet)

Naruto cosplay

Naruto cosplay “I am sorry for everything Naruto. I know how difficult was your life without us, and being a Jinchuriki made it even harder. But….We thought that it was the best for you. With the only pain that i died, was that i would never be able to hear your voice, to see your sweet smile and to hold you betweer my arms, i could never hear you say to me “mom”. But now that i met you again, my soul can rest in peace. Now that i heard your voice and held you between my arms i am happy. Thank you for everything Naruto, thank you for let me be your mother, thanks for let Minato be your father. You made me the mother most happy in this world. Finally our hopes reached” -Kushina Uzumaki-

Thanks so much to @mari94angeles who made us this beautiful photo!! 💕💕😍😍 #naruto #narutouzumaki #kushinauzumaki #uzumaki #narutoshippuden #cosplay #cosplaynaruto #cosplayer #kushinauzumakicosplay #narutouzumakicosplay